Get Involved

We think creating an alternative currency for Birmingham is really exciting. We could improve the city in many ways to become more based around communities, have a stronger local economy and have more local resource loops

We hope you are excited as well. So here are some ways to get involved with the Birmingham Pound.

Newsletter: In the time being that the pilot is not up and running yet, sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest news right to your inbox.

Survey: We are having a short survey with some essential questions to set up the Birmingham Pound. It’s only 6 questions and getting your answers would mean the world to us!

Share: Share your excitement about local money for local businesses for a beautiful Birmingham via Facebook and Twitter, oh and that old-timer: word of mouth.

Flyers: Get some of our mock-up Pound flyers at The Warehouse in Digbeth and hand them out to your friends and random people you managed to chat with about the Birmingham Pound.

Email us: brumpound[at]