Blockchain and Sustainable Communities Event, Cloughjordan, Ireland

By Stuart Bowles Every day of the week I make transactions that are supported by other organisations that I trust. Visa, Paypal, Apple Pay, the Bank of England, the Government, all support me to make purchases and send money. Blockchains are a digital system of trust that can enable me to make transactions, without needing … More Blockchain and Sustainable Communities Event, Cloughjordan, Ireland

Developing Local Currencies Event

On the 24th of October Birmingham Pound and The Guild of Independent Currencies organised a workshop day full of inspiration, innovation and information about how you can develop local currency projects in your own community. The event took place in The Impact Hub in Digbeth, Birmingham. We welcomed delegates from Bristol, Brixton, Exeter, Belgium, Liverpool and … More Developing Local Currencies Event

From the arches of Brixton to the streets of Birmingham

Monday the 11th, the Birmingham Pound team visited Brixton and our friends at Brixton Pound. We were welcomed in what will soon be their Brixton Pound café, a lovely space for a cuppa Joe and a chat. Tom, the manager, told us all about the development of the Brixton model. In Brixton there has been … More From the arches of Brixton to the streets of Birmingham


We’ve been busy taking what we’ve learnt from other groups at the currency conference to put together a pilot to test and pave the way to launch our currency. We’re following in the footsteps of Kingston Pound in a way. So at Kingston, they first had a trail with paper currency at a food festival … More Pilot!

Local Authority

Experience in other areas shows what a difference it makes to a local currency to have a supportive local authority. Happy to say that Birmingham has one! Well – nothing’s formally endorsed, we’re not at that stage yet – but Ridhi, Matt, Tom and I met with Jacqui Kennedy (acting Strategic Director of Place) and … More Local Authority