Sharing Cities -event 12th May

agyemanBirmingham Pound will have a presence at next week’s Sharing Cities event at Impact Hub on Thursday 12th May, 7pm. This will primarily feature the excellent speaker Julian Agyeman, discussing the theme of his new book “Sharing Cities: a case for truly smart and sustainable cities”. Julian combines the concept of “sharing” with smart technology to give us the outcomes that really matter – justice, solidarity and sustainability. Lots of synergy with a local currency aiming to share prosperity across the city using digital payment technology.

Julian’s specialism is in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, so his talk will go beyond the theoretical and inspirational, and will make practical suggestions for us all in delivering this better shared economy within cities within our professional and individual lives. Also on the practical side there will also be opportunities to hear about local “Sharing Economy” endeavours such as Borroclub, Freegle etc and how you can get involved locally. The Birmingham Pound will be present at the Friends of the Earth stall.

All are welcome! For more info and to book, go to the event’s booking page.

Karen Leach

Julian Agyeman, Professor of  at Tufts University, is the originator of the concept of ‘just sustainabilities’, the full integration of social justice and sustainability. He is also co-author of Sharing Cities: A Case for Truly Smart and Sustainable Cities, which explores how the concept of sharing offers cities the opportunity to connect smart technology to justice, solidarity and sustainability. He joins us to discuss the ideas in the book and to explore how we can build on these ideas to deliver a better quality of life and healthier environment in Birmingham. In association with Friends of the Earth.


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