We seek new steering group members

We’re looking for people who are enthusiastic about creating a Birmingham Pound and excited to join us to make it a reality.

The Birmingham Pound is a sterling-based local currency to be spent with or between local businesses. It keeps more spending power within the city, shares the city’s prosperity better, and celebrates our identity and our diversity.

We’re seeking new members for oversight and governance, but also to take more active roles in delivery. In terms of your skills and interests we are looking for:

  • People from/with contacts in different parts and cultures of Birmingham – we want this to be something everyone in the city feels is theirs to use.
  • People with financial, fundraising, governance and regulatory expertise
  • People with business experience/sense/nous
  • Just people who have the time and enthusiasm to pitch in! We are all learning as we go, so if you have time, but not a particular expertise, we’d still love to hear from you.

You will be joining a small, but committed and active group who have some of these skills and have been making good progress. We have support from key local organisations including Birmingham City Council. We just need a little more capacity to keep the ball rolling.

If you are interested please contact brumpound@gmail.com or ring 0121 6851155.


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